Common Questions Asked by Pastors:

Why Holy Connection?

There many streaming companies out there, but HCTV is built around Ministry. So we understand the specific needs of ministry and we have tools that are needed to promote your live broadcast.

How expensive is it to get started?

Not expensive at all. We will work with you and make sure you get up and going.

Is there a contract?

No. Holy Connection only requires a 30 day notice of pending cancellation of service.

Will it pay for itself?

Absolutely! Done properly, as you grow viewers and online members your tithes and offerings will increase and not only will it pay for itself it will bring in more revenue to the ministry.

Why shouldn’t I use a free site like Ustream and Youtube?

Most free companies are designed for social media, so your broadcast could have ads in and around your video that could have negative impacts to your live stream. For a ministry that pursues quality and excellence this is not the type of platform you would want to represent your ministry.

Will the people stop coming to church?

There will be a few that may use the opportunity to watch it from home, but even with those, they will still be connected on Sunday morning by receiving The Word and the opportunity to pay their tithes and offerings. Plus there are the benefits of reaching more people and the overwhelming potential of growing your ministry, because you are connected to the World through our site.

What equipment do I need?

You need 3 things to Stream

  1. Video Camera
  2. High Speed Internet
  3. Core 2 Duo or Quad core PC

Holy Connection sells video cameras and streaming computers

Can I stream to my website also?

Yes you can. You can stream to your website, Holy Connection and Social Media(Facebook and Twitter)

Does Holy Connection do any marketing?

Yes, Holy Connection promotes and markets all of our ministry partners, with tools such as email blast, banners, commercials and much more.

What if we need help or support?

Holy Connection offers support Monday thru Friday after hours and all day Sunday, Tech support is easily reached by text and email.

Does the stream play on cell phones or tablets(android or Iphones)?

Yes, your live broadcast will play on all devices.